The Cowichan Lake Retreads Hiking Club invite all people to join our hiking club who are interested in fitness, fun & enjoying the incredible outdoors around supernatural BC Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island in Canada. Hiking club membership is $15/yr (unlimited hikes). Call 250-749-6742 or email to get our schedule of weekly hikes from easy walks to strenuous hikes on Wednesdays. On Tues., Feb. 15 CLR hiking club meeting at 2 pm @ Cowichan Rocks Curling Lounge located at the Arena in Lake Cowichan. Visit Avatar Grove ( Ancient Forest Alliance Slide Show April 20th 6:30pm Upper Centennial Hall, Lake Cowichan,BC) just off the West Coast Trail & other great hikes. This is a great way to train for the Great Lake Walk Saturday September 17, 2011. For more information on how you can raise funds for your favorite charity contact